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Classes: Improve your ballroom dancing in 15 min

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Learn 3 main principles of ballroom and improve your dancing instantly in just 15 minutes.

By the end of these  Ballroom Classes You will do:

  • Correctly steps forward ( hint: when you step forward you not only using your legs)
  • Properly execute  steps backward ( keep in mind, we don't use these steps too often in our everyday life)
  • Stay in connection with your dance partner, so it feels comfortable and you're not kicking each other.
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Classes: Eliminate common Mistakes in Ballroom & Latin 

Details are coming soon

Do you have uncomfortable feelings when dancing sometimes? 

You may sense that you're doing something wrong.

Or maybe you're aware of your mistakes but don't know how to correct them.

Or maybe it's your dance partner's fault!

If any of this sounds familiar, your dancing might be under attack of common mistakes. 

The truth is, these mistakes are typical and very easy to fix.

But...  You have to be aware of the mistake and  know how to correct it

It’s not easy to get rid of your common mistakes without guidance and clear instructions.

That's why we created a special program to help you get rid of typical and annoying mistakes in Ballroom and Latin. 

Ballroom Mastery Classes: Secrets that many students miss

Details are coming soon

It's the 10 weeks online signature dance course to help you become a good ballroom dancer and feel amazing.

When it comes to ballroom dancing, do you feel that you know the steps but struggle to execute them correctly?!

You love Waltz, Tango, Foxtrot, Quickstep, and even the Viennese Waltz makes you smile.
But very often, you're:

  • not sure about the correct body or head position
  • feel stiff or awkward when dancing some figures
  • get confused about swing or sway
  • get in trouble with leading or following
  • get tense when dancing with music because you afraid to lose beats and fall of the music

Truly good ballroom dancing comes from understanding elements and how to execute these components in each dance.

8 weeks Ballroom & Latin dance online Program

Details are coming soon

The complete Program to keep you dancing, improve skills, and get in better shape. 

  • No more feeling of losing your dance skills, mobility, and strength.
  • No more can't go to a studio. No more stuck at home and don't know what to do.
  • Be in charge. Enjoy dancing and stay active at home. 

(This Program will also help you to reinforce your dance skills to join reopened dance studios)