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Ballroom Dance online classes

Sharp Tango Routine

If you love Tango then you'll enjoy this small Tango routine// Oversway drop Oversway and Spanish Drag. Watch the lesson and learn how to dance this combination.

Tango Routine: 

Telemark into Oversway QQS -Drop Oversway S -Spanish drag QQ -Link on Spot S


Learn exercises to improve posture and connection in the ballroom

Good posture helps to create a smooth connection in ballroom dancing. When you have a good connection, you have a feeling of bliss. So, how we can improve posture and connection? Watch the lesson to practice special exercises to create a great posture and connection in the ballroom. 

How to dance open Telemark in the Waltz

Telemark is a silver-level figure. You can dance Telemark in the Waltz, Foxtrot Tango, or Quickstep. There are two types of Telemarks: closed Telemark and open. Open Telemark in the Waltz is a beautiful and worth knowing figure. 

In the video, you'll learn:

-man's steps

-lady's steps

-how to get from the closed position to open


Get better at Foxtrot

In the video, you’ll learn:

1. Timing of the Foxtrot and how to count Slow and Quick (Count Slow doesn’t mean a slow step)

2. Special open step (Feather step) of the Foxtrot and how to dance it

3. The uniqueness of Natural and reverse turns of the Foxtrot.