Our dance community follows passion, keeps learning and enjoys every moment of dancing



I have learned a lot of essential elements of Ballroom dancing from using online learning. It is one of the best use of my time, especially during the Pandemic. I greatly appreciate Konstantin’s “attention to detail “ teaching style. I highly recommend this program.


I was very hesitant to take an online dance lesson. But I am glad I decided to give it a try. I find it very helpful and it's easy to follow Konstantin's and Oxana's way of teaching. With the help of their classes, I've corrected many mistakes and now know how to do my steps the right way. 

 Looking forward to more online lessons and I strongly recommend everyone to give it a try. 


Thank you so much, Oxana and Konstantin, for providing us with positive and useable examples of improving our dancing in a home setting!

You have given the dance world a toolbox of effective, tangible strategies containing a great balance of theory, technique and practical instructions.



Your passion for dance and concern for your students are evident in your enjoyable, accessible, inclusive, and quality teaching.

After taking your Cha-Cha-Cha online classes, we immediately were motivated to work on things with which we had been struggling.


"Thank you for taking our dancing to a new level.  And, Thank you for making us feel young and rejuvenated.  The basics need refreshing and I must admit I do watch the videos more than just once, the information helps to remind, repair, and strengthen the basics so that our more challenging dance steps and figures soon become much easier"


"I love Dance Spirit Club classes.
Not only learning the steps but most importantly the technique.Thank you for bringing my dancing up to another level. The happiness I feel is priceless"

Angela & David

"Konstantin has the high level of skills, and ability to explain technical points in a way that my partner and I understand. He makes learning a lot of fun and we enjoy every minute of our time together"


“Dear Oxana and Konstantin, I send you special thanks for being good teachers and friends, for your excellent classes and the special attention that you pay to me and to all dancers, as this caring attitude of yours has made me as good as I can be and has led me to open my own class. Your encouragement and support in this action have been priceless. I strongly recommend Dance Spirit Club to anyone, who wants to attain a good level of dancing.”

“With the help of Konstantin and Oxana, I have been introduced to the world of International Ballroom. The way they teach is both educational and entertaining. Thank you for helping me immensely with learning posture, steps and the essence of each dance. ”