To improve your dancing


Learn exercises to improve posture and connection in the ballroom

Good posture helps to create a smooth connection in ballroom dancing. When you have a good connection, you have a feeling of bliss. So, how we can improve posture and connection? Watch the lesson to practice special exercises to create a great posture and connection in the ballroom. 

Learn 2 exercises to improve turns in the ballroom

During this lesson, you'll learn:

  • Why it's essential to turn correctly
  • The main details of a turn
  • How to use your legs, knees and upper body
  • 2 exercises to help create an excellent turn



12 exercises to improve your Ballroom dancing

n this video, we share 12 points exercises to train your body to become a better ballroom dancer. And the good news you need only 60 seconds for these warm up exercises. Yes, it's only 60 seconds. The timer doesn't lie. During this video, you'll learn:

-12 points exercise to get your body ready for ballroom dancing

-Why these points are important

-What to remember when warming up

-How to make your practice fun and enjoyable